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Take Your Event Next Level With A Headshot Booth

Event Headshot Booth
Conference Headshot Booth

Are you looking for a talented headshot photographer to capture professional images at an event? Look no further! My Event Headshots service offers a simple process that ensures you’ll get the headshots you need quickly and efficiently. We can even capture CRM data. Contact me today to schedule your session.

Event Headshot Examples

What We


A Simple Headshot Booth

Our headshot booth is simple to incorporate into your display at your event. We offer everything from registration to delivery of images.


Attract The Largest Crowd

Want to know what attracts the largest crowds at trade shows? Headshots. People won't remember the free pen or $5 starbucks card but they will remember who they got that headshot from. We can even include logo and marketing material with the delivery of headshots.


White Label Branding on Headshots and Email Communications

We instantly deliver headshots to participants email. You can include a logo or other marketing material with the delivery of that headshot or portrait. 


Collect CRM

While people register for their headshots we can simply include questions that allow us to collect CRM data for you. Know exactly who visited your booth and any other information you need.


Instant headshot delivery

We instantly deliver images to participants cell phones or emails. This way they can share their images on social media which give you free advertising.


Be the buzz of the event

People will talk about the headshots you offer. Participants will share on social media, tell other attendees, and remember your company 3 , 6, 12 months after the event.

Simple Event Headshot Pricing

Attract a crowd at a convention with a headshot or portrait booth.

I have two pricing options available for events - a half-day rate and a full-day rate. The half-day rate covers up to four consecutive hours, while the full-day rate covers up to eight hours with a 45-minute meal break. Each headshot station can photograph up to 20 people per hour. All headshot packages include a basic lead collection, a white label service to showcase sponsors or promote your company, and instant online portfolios.

Trade Show Headshots.jpg

Our Process Is Simple


Request A Headshot Quote

We will work with you and your budget to come up with the best package available for the services you need. Whether it's for your conference, a convention, a trade show, or just coming to your event to offer headshots. We make everything simple and stress-free, from planning to the final delivery of images. We handle everything start to finish.


Day Of Event

"We will arrive early to set up our booth for your headshots. Participants can either scan a QR code to register or we can provide a planned schedule beforehand with email reminders to make it as easy as possible for you. We take care of everything from crowd control to facial expression coaching to ensure that everyone gets the best possible image."


Image Delivery Of Headshots Or Portraits

Our service covers everything related to image delivery, including retouching. Participants can select the image they want to be retouched through our online process, and we will take care of the rest. After retouching, we will deliver the final products to each individual without any extra charge. Unlike most companies that either require you to handle distribution or charge an additional fee for it, we include this service in our package.

Our Conference Headshots Include

FAQs About Event Headshots

Have a question? Let us know! Check out our resources below.


How long does it take per person for Event Headshots?

During event headshots, I usually spend between 5 to 10 minutes with each person to capture an outstanding image. However, individual sessions allow us to focus on obtaining various looks and facial expressions as we have more time.

CRM Data Collection

Do you capture CRM data for people during event headshots?

I capture this information during registration. Participants simply scan the barcode and provide their name, phone number, and email address. I can also help collect responses to any specific questions you may have designated or even fill out a survey.

Event Headshot Booth

Do you only do headshots during events?

Based on the number of people and their preferences, I typically offer headshots or portraits. Portraits can cover anything from the collarbone downwards and can even be full-body portraits. This option is particularly favored during corporate events, where team members may bring their spouses, and a stunning portrait can make a lovely addition to the occasion.

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